MEDZONE works with a variety of pharmaceutical, biotech and veterinary health companies looking for interesting and effective ways to help them to engage and interact with their target audiences.

With a deep understanding of the evolving trends in meeting facilitation, digital presentation and customer education, we specialize in medical meetings

… and more.

Meeting Facilitation

  • Leading focus groups with physicians or patients (bilingual)
  • Generating interactive discussions with thought leaders and stakeholders

MEDZONE has administered hundreds of physician advisory board meetings, producing strategic insights for medical marketing campaigns


Effective Presentation

  • Business environments are changing
  • Successful companies know how to capture their clients’ attention and engage them in dialogue

Using simple techniques and novel technologies can help deliver more powerful presentations

Medical Education

  • We arrange and manage educational events from A to Z
  • We develop learning content, live and online, using the principals of instructional design

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is now known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD)



We’ve been listening. And here is what people are saying…

Erin was originally recommended by a trusted peer in the industry. She was described as strategic and helpful. We’ve been very happy with her performance over the last three years. She helped save us tens of thousands of dollars in her first 12 months. As our relationship evolved she has helped us be more strategic in our educational programs.
National Customer Development Manager, (consumerables)
Ms. Erin Stashin has been an invaluable asset to our company over the 3 years and to me, personally, in the past year, as both a meeting facilitator and a sounding board for adult learning events. If you are delving into the world of planning CE events, she can be a resource for you as well.
Professional Consulting Veterinarian, (Dermatology products)
Congratulations Erin and MEDZONE. Your clients love you, which is a good indicator for the coming year.
Former Media Buyer and Technology Manager, Merck
If only there were two more of me and two more of you, we could do great things. Thank you!
Director of Medical Affairs, Animal Nutrition
You are a rock star.
Associate Dean Veterinary Development and External Relations, Washington State University
Thanks Erin! Your video-tutorial looks awesome! In addition, I have to admit – you have a great voice for voiceover!
Assist Prof Educational Technology and Postdoc Research Associate, Concordia University (Montreal) and MIT (Boston)
We just had our executive meeting and would be honored to have you come back to present to our Montreal chapter on “The role of new technologies in the adult learning classroom”. When we recently did a need assessment survey, this topic ranked very highly.
Executive Board Member (President), Institute for Performance and Learning - Quebec chapter (formerly Canadian Society of Training & Development)
Thanks Erin and I know you are held in high regard (by various industry players). I had a colleague who organizes these things ask and I have forwarded your info and a recommendation to her. Thanks.
Medical Professional, Western Canada
You are my compass.
Continuing Medical Education Professional
You are a breath of fresh air. With your corporate skill set, you will fit right in at global meetings and conversations with our GM.
Manager Special Projects, Pediatrics and critical care
After working in Toronto for many years, I never had so many positive, unsolicited comments about how great this continuing education event was. Participants expressed pleasure and surprise at being asked to submit pre-event questions. And the sales team commented “never has Merck run something so slick” (electronic check in, digital surveys) – very professional – AMAZING.
National Technical Lead, Parasiticides and vaccines
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