MEDZONE provides professional services to pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary healthcare companies.

Areas of expertise include:

MEDZONE clientele is comprised of sales and marketing managers as well as medical affairs teams tasked with developing customer-focused and field-based initiatives.


The common threads throughout every project are to:  1) Foster scientific dialogue  2) Forge relationships  3)  Leverage opportunities for business development.


Goal:  Engage customers in strategic discussions that can yield valuable insights and marketing feedback


Customer focus groups

Scientific advisory board meetings

Stakeholder consult meetings

Executive interviews and market research


Goal: Design, develop and deploy educational initiatives that can change practice outcomes


Live education events

Webinars, social learning and online classrooms

Mobile and “just-in-time” learning initiatives


Goal: Engage and interact with healthcare audiences


Adult education principles

Digital media and presentation coaching

Instructional design and technologies

Client testimonials (brief)

“You are a rock star.”
Associate Dean, Washington State University
“Thanks Erin.Your video-tutorial looks awesome! In addition, I have to admit – you have a great voice for voice over!”
Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Educational Technology, Montreal QC
“Thanks Erin. I know you are held in high regard (by various industry players). I had a colleague ask and I have forwarded your info and a recommendation to her.”
Professional Consulting Veterinian
“You are my compass.”
Continuing Medical Education Professional
“Erin – You are a breath of fresh air. With your corporate skill set, you will fit right in at global meetings and conversations with our GM.”
Manager Special Projects in Pediatrics and Critical care, Montreal QC

Sample Client List


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